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Stream Your Heart Out: “amo”

by Courtney Gaffey

By: Bring Me the Horizon

Genre: Pop rock, electropop

Tracks: “Medicine,” “MANTRA”

Well, it’s twenty-nine-scene and Bring Me the Horizon have released “amo,” leaving a sour taste in the mouth of some and a coating of sugar in the mouths of others. The typically metal-screamo band began in 2004 and won the hearts of many during the days of emo boys and scene queens. And, while others may have expected it, the band’s new sound took me entirely by surprise. I don’t know what I expected exactly, but I remember the day’s of mosh-pits and Warped Tour (RIP) and punk-driven guttural screams.

However, this album doesn’t have that. What it has instead is a more electronic meets hip-hop feel that, understandably, confused many. And, although the swap in genre isn’t inherently a bad thing, many old fans just coming back to them from the Myspace days might be upset with what they hear. But, with years of screaming under his belt, it’s also understandable that Oliver Sykes, vocalist of the band, would want to take a break and allow his vocals to recuperate.

I think it’s an interest change in pace overall, but I’ll always be nostalgic for coon-tails, teased hair, and lyrics screamed so intensely that the lyrics are almost indistinguishable. I mean, at least I know what is being sung without googling the lyrics, right?

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