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“Captain Marvel” Review

by Dan Spanner

Credit to Marvel.

I am the Marvel fanatic that you either love or are very much afraid of—depending if you are a fellow Marvel ecstatic.

Captain America is my spirit animal. Iron Man is my president.

The Black Widow is on my speed dial. Black Panther is my king.

The list continues, but you get my hot take: I adore this world. Captain Marvel built up an incredible and worthy hype train.

First, for my neighborhood brothers and sisters deep in the comic book lore, Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe.

She is pure star power. Yes, Brie Larson is the stuff of stardom, but that’s not my message: Captain Marvel holds the power of a star, supernovas, solar energy, and all that jazz. She is a force to be reckoned with.

Second, it’s an origin-story film. In the height and climax of the Avengers’ storyline and arc, Marvel Studios hits us with an origin-story.

Lastly, it’s the first female-lead Marvel superhero film to date.

Like I said, I love my King of Wakunda and strong-hearted Cap, but it is about time for some female might and power.

The hype and pressure is all there. It’s a lot. Did it deliver?

By Thanos’s huge, purple forehead it did.

The movie was spectacular. It was whacky and odd and strange and wonderful.

It introduced a cat as a main character. Samuel L. Jackson was armored with CJI, so he could blend in with the 90’s.

Captain Marvel was snappy and confident and complicated.

The story was a marriage of Back to the Future 2 and Looper.

With the 90’s backdrop and the dramatic undertones and the love for the old comic lines, I was almost prepared for Toby McGuire to spring into a scene and start screaming, “That’s my uncle!”

The move stuck. It was fearless with its characters and its unwavering power of women in lead roles.

In short, it was quite marvelous.

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