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Prepare for The Endgame.

by Dan Spanner

Credit to IMAX.

“We’re in the endgame now, Tony.”

Well, this is it folks.

After around 22 films, millions of ticket purchases, and a worthy amount of over-buttered popcorn, Marvel’s cinematic epic is coming to an end.

Said to be 3 hours in length at its current editing take, this our-generation’s “Return of the King” is bound to be a sight to behold.

In all of the Russo brother’s test audiences, no one has left the viewing to even use the bathroom. Indeed, during this 3 hour bodacious colossus, not one fan has leaked or yielded. This is truly the end-quest we’ve been waiting for.

During the beginning of the Super Bowl, fans were delighted, shocked, and downright stupefied to see a new trailer for “Avengers: Endgame.” Unfortunately, for true football viewers, this was the most exciting part of the game.

For simple superhero prophets, fortunately, this was also the most exciting part of the game. We witnessed Cap clutching his aged shield, Rocket’s sad raccoon face, and Paul Rudd breaking our minds.

Over a decade in the making and 20 films leading up to this moment in space and magic, “Avengers: Endgame” has a respectable hype. Questions must be answered and closure met in full.

Why did Strange sacrifice the Time Stone for Tony? What’s going on with the Hulk’s cholesterol? Did they all really evaporate? How will Spider-Man’s “Star Wars” references interfere when he meets Mace Windu?

There’s no doubt the Russo brothers will accomplishment this feat, as they’ve done so far again and again. It’s also a comfort that the movie is actually set to be 3 hours long.

The closing of this decade-long story will be met with millions of audiences around the globe, so don’t miss out.

And if you’re new to marvelous world of Marvel, fear not. There are full lists of the movies in order online across the web-verse. Sink into a week of less sleep but more joy and overwhelming happiness, and binge the bonkers out of these movies. It’s worth your time.

Until then, maybe I’ll see you in the theatres for “Avengers: Endgame” on April 26th. I’ll be the one in the back, crying and celebrating.

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