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Stream Your Heart Out: “Waitress”

by Shirley Petropoulos

Artists: The Original Broadway Recording Cast

Genre: Broadway

Tracks: “Bad Idea,” “You Matter to Me”

“Waitress” is a fun and exciting musical.

The music and lyrics were written by Sara Bareilles. The music is very heart-warming and powerful.

Jenna, the main character of the musical, has to find her way out of a very horrible marriage. She then falls in love with her doctor once she finds out she is pregnant.

This musical has some very sad but comical scenes throughout it. Bareilles finds a way to use music to help a story have more impacted on the characters’ lives.

One of the songs that made the musical really stand out was “Bad Idea.” This is at the end of the first act when Jenna and Dr. Pomatter share an unexpected kiss. The two soon fall in love, and this song shows how much they love each other, and so does the song “You Matter to Me” which is in the beginning of the second act. This musical brings tears to its audience’s eyes because of how powerful it is.

All the characters show how you need to be who you are as well as having the strength to stand up for yourself is important.

Not only does this musical make the audience realize that it is important for you to stand up for yourself, it also shows how sometimes walking away from a really good thing is ok to do.

This musical is something I would encourage everyone to go and see because it is a very moving, heartwarming, and powerful musical.

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