New Stories

Read Your Heart Out: Golden Boy

by Shirley Petropoulos

Author: Tara Sullivan

Genre: Family, Drama

Number of Pages: 416

“Golden Boy” by Tara Sullivan is such an inspirational book of finding oneself.

The main character in the novel is Habo, and he goes through many challenges in his life.

Sullivan really brings to light the ideas that people need to learn to love themselves before others can learn to love them.

This novel is very powerful with its use of imagery and how a boy that feels alone ends up finding someone that does not care what he looks like. It is something that most adolescent readers will relate to.

Sullivan finds a way to take a story and make it relate to today’s society. She is bringing awareness to what is happening in our world today and is sharing it through the eyes of a ten year old boy.

Sullivan makes sure that the readers feel all the feels that the characters feel throughout this novel.

“Golden Boy” is a novel that is meant to bring awareness to a very big issue that is going on in Africa today. That issue is Albinism, and Sullivan does such and incredible job in bringing these issues to light throughout her novel. When Habo has a hard time loving himself because of his skin color, it brings tears to the reader’s eyes.

Sullivan wants to readers to know that loving yourself is more important than how other people see you in the world. This novel is something that all teens should read in order to understand how powerful it is to love yourself.

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