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Stream Your Heart Out: Hozier

by Kaylee Hauck

Album: “Nina Cried Power” EP

Genre: Indie, Folk

Tracks: “Shrike,” “NFWMB”

I have been waiting for four years for Hozier to release new music, and his newest EP, “Nina Cried Power,” was certainly worth the wait.

The EP, released on Sept. 6, is only four songs long, but each song highlights a different aspect of Hozier’s music: they are soft, yet powerful; melancholy, yet uplifting; dark, yet light.

Title track “Nina Cried Power” starts the album on a high note. It’s a protest song dedicated to activism and uprising. Hozier’s vocals shine here, just as beautiful as they were on his previous album “Hozier.” Featured artist Mavis Staples brings a soulful element to the song.

“NWFWMB” is featured next, and sounds similar to older Hozier songs. It is another romantic ode, with the usual dark imagery that he’s known for, but I love it nonetheless.

Next is “Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue),” which is probably the track that stands out the least to me. Don’t get me wrong – I still love it, especially with the bluesey guitars and wailing vocals. It just doesn’t catch my attention like the other songs do.

By far my favorite track is “Shrike,” the last song on the EP. There’s just something so beautiful about the track. It’s slow and melancholy, everything I love in a Hozier song.

Although “Nina Cried Power” just came out, I’ll sit and wait patiently for a new full length album, and hopefully Hozier will deliver one soon.

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