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Introducing Eight New Professors at Pitt-Greensburg

by Nick Pcsolar

Pitt Greensburg is constantly evolving, and several new full-time professors are joining us this semester. Their disciplines range from Biology to Philosophy, and they were very courteous in allowing interviews for The Insider.

Dr. Bryan McCarthy is teaching Philosophy and Business ethics. He hails from Oklahoma City, but grew up in Irwin, PA. He plans on creating a class called, “Jesus, Buddha, Socrates”, and frequently uses the Duolingo language app.

Ms. Cassie Thomas teaches multiple Biology labs. She obtained her Master’s of Science and Biology from IUP this past August. An avid hiker, one of her favorite smartphone apps is “iNaturalist” which helps users identify plants and animals.

Mr. William Weller teaches multiple chemistry labs. He relates UPG with what chemists call a hermetic system because, “It’s its own environment. It has its own quirks and its own charms.” An Air Force vet, he likes reading various book series including sci-fi and horror stories.

Ms. Neelima Bhatnagar teaches the introductory Information Science course along with some IS electives. Born in India and a world traveler, she’s excited to be at UPG and fittingly holds the same office as her father, a former UPG professor.

Nursing is a new major this semester, and Ms. Linda Smales develops the Nursing major and teaches a freshman seminar along with intro and clinical nursing classes, the former at UPG and the latter at Redstone Highlands. She’s held various administrative and clinical roles at UPMC hospitals. A first-generation college grad and a native of Munhall, PA, she keeps in touch with her family in the U.S., Vietnam, and Cambodia through Facebook.

Dr. Katherine Pendleton-Romig teaches Pathophysiology and Pharmacology classes, which are also part of the Nursing major. A native of Kennette, Missouri, she enjoys the scenic, relaxed atmosphere here at UPG. Her hobbies include backpacking, and she completed the 100-mile Wilderness Trail in Maine.

Dr. Jordan Booth is teaching several chemistry labs and a natural science class. He enjoys the advantages of smaller classes at UPG, which allows students to more personally relate their classwork to instructor’s professional work.

We welcome all new full-time and part-time professors to UPG.

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