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A Meeting with the Provost

by Ally Hall

On September 7, The University of Pittsburgh’s Greensburg campus hosted a dinner with newly elected Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor Dr. Ann Cudd. Several students representing programs such as CFAR, ASAP, Green Scholar, and the Center for the Digital Text were invited to attend for a brief meeting in Cassell Hall.

Provost Cudd was interested in learning about Pitt-Greensburg, listening to each student as they explained their role in their respective program. After the formal meeting, Provost Cudd was able to give a few words about herself and her plans for the university and its regional campuses.

The reason Dr. Cudd took up the position as Provost is to “impact a lot of lives in a positive way.” She says her favorite, most defining quote is from Christa Mcauliffe: “I touch the future. I teach.”

Dr. Cudd loves working with and hearing from students, having filled the positions of both student advisor and professor in previous years. One of her goals is to build diversity on the Pitt campuses, as well as encouraging civic contributions to society.

“I’m motivated by student interaction and the ability to transform people’s lives,” said Provost Cudd.

One of the subjects Dr. Cudd touched on was the recent announcement on the Titusville campus transitioning to an “educational hub.” The Provost insisted this would be for the betterment of the area, as many individuals would greatly benefit from occupational training rather than a two-year degree.

“It’s geared for therapy and nursing. That’s what the community there needs.” Dr. Cudd said after she was asked why the Titusville campus was only going to offer the two programs.

Provost Cudd explained that Bidwell Training Center, a technical school centered in Pittsburgh, is sponsoring the Titusville hub. Current degree-seeking students at the location are able to finish their degrees and graduate as anticipated, while current faculty and staff at the campus are being compensated for their displacement or offered the ability to remain at the hub.

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