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Locally Listed: Top Five Best Places to Buy School Supplies

The semester is in full swing, and we’ve all basically given any money we saved up over the summer to Amazon and Chegg for our textbooks. We still need pencils and folders and Redbull (it’s paper-writing season, after all), and we need them all on a budget. Here’s a list of the top 10 places in Greensburg to buy cheap school and office supplies to last you all semester.

1. Dollar General

Take a look at the Dollar General’s birthday-office-paper aisle and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You might not get the best color selection for notebooks and folders, but you’re definitely going to keep your checkout total under $10.

2. Walmart

Walmart is the best place to buy basically everything cheap, but act fast! It’s almost October, which means the Halloween decorations (and basically Christmas trees, too) are already taking over the back-to-school fortress at the front of the store, and once that goes away, good luck finding any quality paper products here.

3. Five Below

This is another way to keep the number at the bottom of your receipt low, but the selection isn’t going to be the best. Five Below is notorious for bright, neon-colored folders, so if you’re not into lime green or fushia notebooks, you might want to choose a different store.  

4. Staples

Staples has the best selection of school supplies all year round, so you’ll definitely be able to find anything you’re looking for throughout the entire semester. The only downside is that you’ll probably pay more here than at any of the stores listed above because Staples tends to be a little overpriced.

5. Joann’s

Joann’s is a great store for the creative souls who like their supplies decorated and sparkly, but take caution! You can get a ton of stuff here for a small total, but coupons are key. Download the app and be ready to scan it at the counter. Otherwise, you’ll be giving up Dunkin’ Donuts for a few weeks after you spend your whole account balance on those Mickey Mouse folders.

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