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Change Comes to Campus Coffeehouse

by Chelle Jackson

Sympson and Shelton with one of the new shaken teas

Most returning students know that the Coffee House is the best, and only, place to get a late night cup of coffee on campus. Returning Villagers also generally know that it’s open Monday-Thursday mornings.

This year, however, they’ve decided that four mornings a week wasn’t enough.

On Friday mornings you can now stop in and grab a cup of coffee before heading to that last day of class for the week.

Come visit Jané Shelton and Gabrie Sympson, two senior Psychology majors who open the Coffee House at 8 a.m. on Fridays.

That’s not all that’s new in the Coffee House this semester. Additions to the menu include Shaken Iced Teas ($3.25), and Nachos ($2.50) with jalapenos or salsa ($1.00).

According to Gabrie Sympson, “Shaken teas are the best.”

If you were hoping to spend your meal plan more often, now you have the option of getting salads, with the addition of one form of protein.

In case you are not looking to try something new, Jané Shelton wants everyone to, “get a panini. I’m the best panini maker.”

The classic sandwiches are one of the most popular items in the Coffee House.

Come down to the Coffee House in Village Hall on Friday mornings.

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