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Stream Your Heart Out: Buzzfeed Unsolved

by Emily Buckel

Buzzfeed Unsolved

Genre: Mystery

Seasons: 8

(73 episodes, episode time varies)

“Buzzfeed Unsolved” is a series of whacky adventures between our favorite hosts, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej. Spooky and unnerving stories of ghosts, aliens, and bizarre cases I can’t begin to describe are told in a well formatted and researched way by Ryan. Shane seems to be hanging out most of the time, but he reacts to each case and gives his thoughts on it. Sometimes they take trips out into the world to investigate mysteries, as is the case with the most recent episode.

“The Treacherous Treasure Hunt of Forrest Fenn” takes us to the Rocky Mountains, New Mexico, where the boys are searching for, you guessed it, treasure. An intense montage keeps your attention while the boys are busy with research, of which this episode is heavy. No spoilers, but our guys have to do extra research so that they can find a basic starting point for their hunt. Fun costumes, Ryan’s fear of bears, and Shane’s facial expressions keep you engaged until the very end.

My personal favorite episode is the very spooky “3 Horrifying Cases of Ghosts and Demons.” This episode got the gang to start their paranormal investigations and it brought a whole new dimension to “Buzzfeed Unsolved.” Ryan and Shane visit three haunted locations, one of which is haunted by a demon. Somewhere in Buzzfeed’s paper work you’ll find a note that Ryan refuses to do more than one demon episode per season. Our boys consult a priest and a paranormal investigator in an effort to be as prepared as possible.

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