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Yeasty Nerds Unite, Craft Beer is Coming

by Rob Carlson

Grab your scarves and throw your hair in a bun, because Greensburg Craft Beer Week is Sept. 21-29.

The GBGCBW is an annual event involving many local breweries that aims to celebrate craft beer. That’s not to say this festival is just about beer, however, it’s about the people and culture, too, and part of the proceeds go to the Greensburg Hempfield Area Library.

There are 18 breweries participating this year, including some Insider favorites like All Saints and Four Seasons, in addition to some parties at local bars and businesses that fall during the week.

There is a slew of events taking place during the week. Sunday, Sept. 23 hosts Home Brew and Chill, a ticketed event where 30 homebrewers go head-to-head to see who makes the best beer. Two winners will be chosen, People’s Choice and Brewer’s Choice, both of whom will collaborate with a local brewery to bottle a limited run of the winning beer. General admission is $35 and includes a tasting glass and entry to the event grounds at All Saints Brewery, which includes live music and food trucks.

Believe it or not, 90’s kids are old enough to have their own breweries now, since the following Sunday has the Brewers Double Dare event. Representatives from several breweries will compete in beer-themed trivia and physical challenges, all while covered in slime. This one is free and also held at All Saints Brewery.

The real fun lies in the individual events. There are multiple special can releases, a night at Oliver’s Pourhouse with a special beer-infused menu, music nights, a mead pairing event, an event where one can paint a beer stein or piece of pottery for a fee, the “Trike & Chug,” which is probably as reckless as it is hilarious, yoga, cornhole, washer toss, dessert pairing, chocolate pairing, tailgating, trivia, donut pairing, beer at a salon, beer at a tattoo shop, a “Yappy Hour” that is a lot of beer and dogs and that sounds like it’s the best.

This intrepid reporter will be in attendance, speaking loudly about things probably better left unsaid.

A full list of events and tickets pricing can be found at

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