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Stranger Things 2

by Alexandra Seeberger

Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror

Seasons: 2

(17 episodes, 42-62 minutes)

The newest season of hit Netflix show, “Stranger Things,” was released Oct. 27 and the world went crazy.

According to FOX news “Stranger Things” broke the world record for most tweeted about show with over three million tweets in its first three days out.

While trying to avoid spoiling too much from the season for those who didn’t have the time or energy to spend nine hours straight with minimal bathroom breaks watching it the night it was released, I must mention this.

The season included new characters causing a shift in the development of the original characters, sending them on new and interesting paths.

Bob, played by Sean Astin, is Joyce Byers’s boyfriend and a mega dork, he is so good to her and the kids that it’s hard not to fall in love with him.

Sadie Sink plays Max, a redheaded girl with a love for video games, who joins the boys for the season trying to prove herself worthy to join “the party”.

Billy, portrayed by Dacre Montgomery, a hottie with a major attitude problem who happens to be Max’s step-brother seems mentally unstable and quickly earns a spot-on Steve’s bad side.

Finally, Linnea Berthelsen as Kali, the eighth child who was subject to the same tortures as Eleven at the lab, I suspect we will see more of her in the coming seasons.

I give this show 5/5 stars, although it stars young people it is far from a kids show.

It has been confirmed by one of the show’s creators, Ross Duffer, that there will be a third, and possibly fourth season for the series. It has something for everyone and isn’t just an 80’s Sci-Fi show, so what are you waiting for?

Stream it on Netflix now.

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