New Stories

The Traitor’s Kiss

by Chelle Jackson

Author: Erin Beaty

Genre: Young Adult

A few weeks ago my roommate knocked on my door and handed me the book The Traitor’s Kiss by Erin Beaty. I finished it before my homework.

Published earlier this year, The Traitor’s Kiss tells the story of Sage Fowler, a sixteen year old defiant orphan, whose uncle is determined to have her married.

It starts out in a predictable manner. Sage is strong-minded and makes everyone angry, however it begins to take an interesting twist when Sage becomes the matchmaker’s apprentice.

Then, of course, there’s a boy. Sage’s independence does not fade, and she becomes a spy for the matchmaker, as she falls for a spy on the other side.

I pride myself in accurately predicting plot twists, but Beaty managed to truly shock me, time and time again.

Sage battles adulthood, trust, death, and even boys in this breathtaking novel. It will have you begging for more, but unfortunately the sequel won’t be out until May of 2018.

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