New Stories


by Chelle Jackson

Genre: Comedy

Seasons: 1

(13 episodes, 30 minutes)

The title Girlboss has a nice ring to it. It suggests an empowering series about a girl making her way in the world, and in some ways it is.

Britt Robertson stars as Sophia, a twenty-three year old living in San Francisco. In the first episode, she seems to not care about anything, getting fired from a job because she couldn’t be bothered to do it properly or show up on time.

Sophia’s character is a spoiled brat who relies on the people around her, namely her best friend Annie, to take care of her. She seems to believe that the world owes her something.

Sophia begins to grow when she finds a rare jacket, which the thrift shop owner doesn’t realize he has. She then proceeds to make a significant profit off of the jacket, and decides that it will be her new job, ignoring the fact that she has no prior experience and no information on how to continue.

As the season progresses, she starts to turn herself around. She opens herself up to relationships, builds her knowledge base for business, and becomes a much more thoughtful person. She names her company “Nasty Gal” as a representation of herself, and becomes successful rather quickly.

The most brilliant part of this series? Sophia manages to grow as a person, without losing herself. She is still head-strong, wild, and has a bit of a chip on her shoulder, but becomes a better person without losing herself.

The show is based off of Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography, and maintains a rather realistic and relatable truth. Overall, it’s entertaining and somewhat inspiring. It is currently on Netflix and will not have any more seasons.

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