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“Going Grey”

by Kaylee Hauck

The Front Bottoms – “Going Grey”

Genre: Folk Punk/Pop Punk

Tracks: 11

The Front Bottoms released their newest studio album, “Going Grey,” on Oct. 13, and I was ready for it exactly at midnight.

The album opens with the track “You Used to Say (Holy Fuck),” a song in which lead singer Brian Sella laments that he’s getting older and closer to death. Growing up is one of the overarching themes of the entire album, and leads all the way to the final song on the album, “Ocean.”

Highlights of the album include their two singles, “Raining” and “Vacation Town,” two catchy tunes that are classic Front Bottoms.

My personal favorite tracks would probably be “Trampoline” as well as “Far Drive.”

“Trampoline” is a song about being with someone and pretending to be happy when you’re really not. Sella sings about how sometimes when he’s together with his significant other, they’re not really together, but just faking it. This song hurts your heart in all the best possible ways.

“Far Drive” is a song about the happiness felt when you abandon all your problems to go on a road trip. Sella sings about how road trips are far drives, but they’re worth it to see someone act alive again.

“Going Grey” definitely sounds more polished than they ever have before. I’ve been a fan of The Front Bottoms since they released their 2013 studio album, “Talon of the Hawk,” and a part of what drew me to them was their unpolished sound.

But here’s the interesting thing – just like how the group is growing up and becoming more polished, so am I. Instead of being opposed to their new sound, I found myself appreciating their growth as artists.

Just because “Going Grey” sounds more polished doesn’t mean it still doesn’t have the same Front Bottoms charm. Sella’s lyrics, which lean more towards being a stream of conscience most times, are as good as ever.

So really, do yourself a favor and go listen to “Going Grey” right now – and while you’re at it, listen to all of their albums. You won’t regret it.

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