New Stories


by Connor Simpson

The film “Mother” starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem is subtle and edgy. The protagonists breathe life and suspense into an otherwise mundane plot.

There are subtleties involved and the plot tends to follow the story of Mother Earth. The film deals with heavy issues like genocide, late term abortion, pollution, and religion. Some say the plot follows the life of Jesus Christ instead of Mother Earth.

Regardless of politics, it is impossible to interpret a work of art without having viewed it, and this film is indeed a work of art. There are dark spots, sure, in fact, they are some of the darkest spots I have personally seen in a film. There are also redeeming qualities of suspense and beauty.

There is an air of mystery throughout the film that will keep you watching – whether it is fully explored and developed is another story. Sharing is a key concept, and often times in the movie the generosity of the natural world – be it Jesus, Mother Earth or small business – is taken advantage of, in truly heartbreaking ways.

Often times morality is spit on, and the soul of small intimate businesses are slowly choked down to nothing by the savage hordes of the majority.

Love is another theme in the movie, and the viewer is left to decide whether there is a relationship of murmuring love, or deep seated boiling hate between the characters.

I will simply reiterate that it is impossible to form an opinion on a work of art that you haven’t viewed, but if you do decide to venture out to see the film, brace yourself.

It has pain, loss, and deep dark lows that you may not want to participate in, despite missing out on the fascinating love to hatred relationship between the fluid characters portrayed by Lawrence and Bardem.

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