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“I Love Her”: #ThursdayNightswithShahum

by Shahum Ajmal

“How to Get Away with Murder” season four, episode five aired Thursday, Oct. 26.

The episode was a mix of past and present to once and for all give viewers the entire toxic backstory between Annalise and Bonnie.

Bonnie was shown in the opening scene running through the rain to Isaac’s in desperate need of a talk.

God bless Isaac at this point.

As the scene unfolded, it was clear that Bonnie posing as Julie was here to talk about her relationship with May, who was really Annalise. Isaac in trying to get the root of the problem, had Bonnie say, “I love her,” which jumpstarted the recall of her past occurrences with Annalise.

In a typical flashback sequence that HTGAWM is known for, we uncovered how Annalise and Bonnie actually met back in 2002.

Annalise was the lawyer of a councilman accused of rape, and Bonnie was the key witness in the case against him. Bonnie’s dad used to be a janitor in City Hall and would leave her in the basement where the councilmen would rape her. But that’s not all. Bonnie got pregnant at the age of fifteen, but passed out in labor, and was told by her father that her baby died.

Annalise comes into all of this because she was the one who had to cross-examine Bonnie in court. Annalise was given the incentive of being be recommended to the board to become a full partner at the firm she was working at if she could successfully pull of the cross-examination.

There is always some sort of moral dilemma tied up in this show.

Annalise successfully cross-examined Bonnie, grilling her about how she could have easily mistaken the councilman as the man who raped her since she had been raped by dozens of men. Annalise kept pushing till the scene cut off to show her shamefully drinking away her feelings in her living room.

Annalise won the case, and quit her job. We were then brought up to speed with how Annalise took Bonnie in and helped her become a lawyer.

Back to present-day, Annalise was underway with her class action lawsuit. She was shown meeting with dozens of Virginia Cross’s past clients and ensuring them that she could clear their names once and for all.

Bonnie was onto Annalise, but was convinced by Nate that she had nothing to be concerned about. Of course, Bonnie being Bonnie took matters into her own hands.

Just as Annalise was celebrating the forty-requisite inmate signature she needed before taking her lawsuit to the next level, she began getting calls from those who had originally agreed telling her that they are no longer interested.

It turned out that Bonnie found out what Annalise was doing, and started to give the inmates better deals, and scared them off by explaining some of Annalise’s past.

This led to yet another parking lot confrontation between Annalise and Bonnie.

This time, however, the conversation was verbal not physical. Annalise explained how she was trying to do something good for once, and that Bonnie ruined it. Bonnie threw the accusation that Annalise only took her in to cope with her own guilt, to then throw her out just like any other intern because she couldn’t be who Annalise wanted her to be. Annalise in response explained that she let Bonnie go because Bonnie didn’t need her anymore, and maybe never needed her, not because she saw Bonnie as nothing.

This took us all the way back to the start of the episode with Bonnie running in the rain to Isaac’s.

Back at Caplan and Gold, their newest I.T. hire was Oliver.

Face palm.

And not only that, there was weird subtle flirtatious tension between him and Simon.


Michaela was shown doing great working under Annalise 2.0 (Tegan), and was even rewarded with a pair of Louboutin’s for her hard work.

Michaela later convinced Oliver to help her hack into Tegan’s computer later that night to find something that can lead to justice for Wes. Connor is hit with the “working late, eat without me text,” from Oliver which urged him to hop onto Humpr in search for a booty call.

Uh. oh.

Faith in Connor somewhat remained as he decided not to cheat on Oliver but to show up to Annalise’s hotel “apartment” instead. As usual, he gave Annalise a piece of his mind, blaming her for ruining his life. But later, Annalise ended up taking Connor under her wing yet again to help her with her lawsuit.

This isn’t adding up.

Michaela and Oliver managed to break into Tegan’s computer, pulled up a file on Trent Stockton, before a second wall of security popped up, leaving Michaela just enough time to take a picture of the screen really quick.

Later, Frank is putting thoughts into Asher’s mind that Michaela is cheating on him since she is always hitting Asher with the “working late” calls/text messages.

Frank shows up to Laurel’s, not to sleep with her, but to ask her if she is positive that the baby is not his. This changed the mood immediately when Laurel kicked Frank out, and said that cheating on Wes is the “biggest regret” of her life.

We were back to Bonnie spilling what really is in her heart about Annalise. She accidentally spilled that she wants to believe that May (code for Annalise) is really trying to change with her class action lawsuit.

This is where Isaac began putting all the pieces together and realized that she is the one Annalise fired and that she is Bonnie not Julie.

We once again went full circle.

The episode ended with the usual flash forward, which is only two weeks from now. We are back at Caplan and Gold where Bonnie asks an Officer where the suspect is. Cue the next scene where we heard the sounds of ugly crying, which I was so sure were Annalise’s cries, but turns out they were Asher’s.

I am having a hard time believing he is actually involved in the murderous way it currently seems like.

My bet is that Asher was in the wrong place at the wrong time trying to uncover if Michaela was actually cheating on him.

Even more questions. We do now know that the person dead cannot be Bonnie, Frank, Laurel, Isaac, Michaela, Asher, or Oliver.

See you guys next week.

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