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“Was She Ever Good at Her Job?”: #ThursdayNightswithShahum

by Shahum Ajmal

“How to Get Away with Murder” season four, episode four aired Thursday, Oct. 10.     

Annalise was shown planning her class action lawsuit, titled “Keating v. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.” Meanwhile, the Keating four were shown in class learning, and being quizzed on famous class action lawsuits.

Through all the craziness, I almost forgot they actually still go to class.

Before Annalise can go filing her lawsuit she needs cash since class action lawsuits are so expensive. Since she is broke, she went running to past colleague, Soraya Hargrove, President of Middleton University.

Hargrove was still going through her divorce in hopes of winning custody of her children. She agreed to hire Annalise as a consultant, which means she would only have to pay her if Annalise could negotiate a better deal than her current lawyer.

We are back to dealing with the whole Connor’s dad situation. Connor was clearly in no mood in getting to know his dad again. Meanwhile, Oliver, as usual, was playing two sides as he was shown secretly messaging/meeting with Connor’s dads.

Bonnie on the other hand is clearly still emotionally attached to Annalise as she was shown asking Denver to review all of Virginia Cross’s cases to make sure there isn’t any reason for the DA’s office to be charged with a misconduct suit.

Laurel was still pressing Michaela to look into her dad’s involvement with Caplan and Gold. Laurel also explained how she is off her anti-depressants and is feeling extra horny ever since.

Michaela back at Caplan and Gold got a front row seat to watch her boss, Tegan Price, live in negotiation mode; only to find out she was only being used as bait since her client is from Middleton.

Price’s case is not only Hargrove divorce case, but Michaela gets to be live in action with Annalise again.

Wish I could say it was a happy reunion for the two of them. Price was clearly not pleased with Annalise being in the mix as a consultant.

Hargrove and her ex-husband, Roland sat down to work out the final details of their divorce.

Oliver being Oliver headed over to his apartment with Connor’s dads, only to be welcomed by Connor who was shown standing waiting for Oliver naked. When Connor’s dads walked in behind Oliver, Connor ran into his room, screaming “I hate you.”

A mess.

As Bonnie was underway going through Cross’s cases, she noticed something wrong with a testimony Nate gave in a case, and asked him to look into it. Laurel then came storming in the room furious about Denver running for Attorney General after his involvement in covering up Wes’s murder.

Nate, as usual, shut her down, telling her that just like Denver, she too should be in jail.

Later Denver saw Laurel, and demanded that Bonnie fire her. In response, Bonnie said that she’s pregnant, and he would be risking kicking off his campaign with a discrimination suit.

Back at Caplan and Gold, Price asked Michaela if she knew Annalise. In which, Michaela replied saying that she was her student and she hates her.

Price expressed how it is part of the job description of being a “Boss Bitch” to work with people you hate. Word. Annalise later asked for their help in reviewing her countersuit, in which they both said no to.

Annalise stormed off only to be followed by Michaela in hand with Roland’s lawyer’s email address. Michaela tried to come to a negotiation of her own with Annalise asking if they could both put their feelings aside for the good of the client.

Annalise being Annalise having no time to take orders from a child shut her out.

Annalise then headed over to Isaac’s, sent her countersuit to Roland’s lawyer, and called the DA’s office to ask how much it would cost to get ahold of all of Cross’s trial transcripts.

To get ahold of all that paper it would cost her 20-30 grand, so she settled for only the front page of each of them, costing her around three grand.

Isaac brought up Wes’s death as the main reason why Annalise is taking on this class action suit. Per usual, she continued to shut him out, while throwing accusations at his face.

I’m running out of patience watching Annalise this close to breaking and accepting help each episode, only to get pissed off at Isaac, and totally twist his words.

Michaela received a username login into Caplan and Gold. However, she does not have the full access she needs to view Price’s files. To add, she had to deal with the fact that Annalise, while trying to save everyone but herself, accidentally sent the countersuit attended for Roland’s lawyer to a member of the Middleton board, Barry Lewiston.

Face palm.

Hargrove was shown all distraught trying to damage control the situation by explaining to Lewiston that she is now sober.

Outside the office Michaela was actually shown being sympathetic for Annalise when Price asked her if Annalise was ever actually a good lawyer.

Michaela replied saying, “She’s been through a lot.”

No, Michaela you have been through a lot.

For once Annalise was at the receiving end of the baseless accusation as Hargrove asked her if she had started drinking again, and how Annalise did all of this on purpose.

As always, Annalise promised to fix everything. Only thing that’s different now, is that she’s a one act show.

Excluding Frank of course, who in the next scene, was waiting outside of Annalise’s hotel “apartment” with a suitcase full of cash.

She screamed in his face, “That’s my dead baby in that suitcase.”

C’mon Frank, what did you expect?

Back at Connor and Oliver’s place, the Keating four, minus Michaela, were enjoying margaritas with Connor’s dads. Connor’s dad gave a heartfelt toast which was received with some “awes” and eye rolls.

Just like old times, Laurel and Frank were later shown getting “busy” in Frank’s car.

Face palm.

Annalise came up with a plan to take down Roland, which was inspired after she received an email from Isaac containing his monthly progress report of her.

She decided to subpoena Roland’s therapist notes in hopes of finding something to use against him.

Later we find out that Roland illegally hid his assets before filing for divorce. Thus, he settled for joint custody and a one million settlement, instead of getting reported to the IRS.

Smiles and wins all across the board.

Or at least I thought before the flash forward scene.

We have Isaac continuing to comfort a distraught Michaela, while being interrupted with a call from Julie (who is really Bonnie).

Face palm.

Turns out Julie/Bonnie is making the call from inside Caplan and Gold, which is presented as the newest crime scene, also covered in blood, just as Annalise’s hotel “apartment.”

We are given a witness who is clearly shaken up.

It’s Oliver.

Amazing. Oliver is always at these crime scenes (flashback to season three) causing unnecessary problems. Go home Oliver.

We are left with more questions.     

Where is Annalise? Is she dead or alive?

Is there more than one person dead?

Is the blood from Annalise’s hotel “apartment” from the same person whose blood is at Caplan and Gold?

Can I get the exact distance from Annalise’s hotel “apartment” to Caplan and Gold?

When will Oliver be off this show?

Shonda Rhimes please come through.

 See you guys next week.


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