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Hockey Team Prepares for New Season

by Kaylee Hauck

With the excitement of a new school year finally settling down, the Pitt-Greensburg hockey team is gearing up for their upcoming season.

The team at practice. Photo by Bobcats Hockey Snapchat

The team at practice.
Photo by Bobcats Hockey Snapchat

Although the Bobcat’s didn’t make it to the playoffs last year, they’re hoping to get there this year.

“I can’t speak for the whole team, but our goal is always to make it to playoffs,” said Cam Tichon, a sophomore right wing. “But my personal goal is to score 5 goals and not get suspended this year.”

For Nick Skowron, a freshman defenseman, getting to know his new teammates is one of his goals for the season.

“My personal goal is to try to get along with all my teammates and have chemistry with them when we’re on the ice.” Skowron said.

Skowron also said adjusting to college sports wasn’t hard.

“It hasn’t been difficult at all,” Skowron said. “I feel the same as I did in high school as I do playing here.”

For more on adjusting to student-athlete life as a freshman, check out Becca Robinson’s article “Adjusting to the Student-Athlete Life” above.

There are multiple changes that the team underwent for this upcoming season.

One of those changes is that the team’s head coach from last season, Tim Baldwin, stepped down from the position and was replaced by Dave Ulishney.

Another change is that the team got a number of new freshman and transfer players.

“There’s a lot of talent in all of our new players,” Jonathan Lesnak, a sophomore right wing, said. “We see a lot of potential in them.”

The Bobcat’s first game of the season is on Oct. 8 at Center Ice Arena against Pitt-Bradford. The game is free admission for students.

For more information, check out the Bobcats on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or at their official website

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