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Adjusting to the Student-Athlete Life

by Rebecca Robinson

Women's Volleyball Team cheers before their game. Photo by Rebecca Robinson

Women’s Volleyball Team cheers before their game.
Photo by Rebecca Robinson

Adjusting to the college life is typically challenging for most freshman. It’s a whole new experience for everyone that can really throw someone for a loop.

For some people, getting the feel for things when entering college isn’t easy. Being a collegiate student-athlete can only be much more challenging.

“In high school the competition level isn’t as high as the level of college,” Anthony Berich, Director of Athletics and Recreation and Head Golf Coach, said. “It’s definitely a bigger commitment.”

Most people agree that the level of competition is probably the most challenging adjustment for athletes when transitioning from high school to college level. Coaches have higher expectations for their whole team, and they hold everyone accountable.

Pitt-Greensburg has recently welcomed a large freshman class to the campus, many being student athletes. Women’s volleyball, cross country, soccer, and tennis are all currently in season, as well as men’s golf, soccer, and cross country. Soon, club hockey will also be getting ready to gear up.

“It’s a lot harder than what I was expecting. There’s a lot more work, and less time for yourself,” Greer, a freshman tennis player, said. “It took me about a week or so, but I’m adjusting well.”

Time management is key when juggling between academics and athletics. “You need to manage your time well,” Greer said.

Any freshman worried about this adjustment, or about their upcoming season, don’t. Just relax. There are people here to help.

“Easiest thing to do is get to know your team and be part of the team,” Berich said. “Don’t be shy, don’t just sit in your room. Get to know your team. And that goes for everything, not just sports.”

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