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Tracking the Track Team

by Marie Miller

thumbnail_image (12)This year a new idea was brought up among the men’s and women’s cross country teams: Since they are only in season for about two months out of the entire year, they thought an addition track team would be beneficial. The coaches of this possible track team are Erin Eaton and Dee Waters who are also the coaches of the women’s basketball team, men’s cross country team, and women’s cross country team.

“I don’t have all levels of approval yet,” Waters said. So far, all plans are set, with just a few minor discussions left.

This newly organized track team will most likely begin at the end of March. Two meets are in the process of being planned for April. The location of the meets are still undecided but will be relatively close, no more than an hour and a half away. They will be held on Saturdays.

The training will be kept light. “Two days of organized practice a week,” coach Waters said. “We will need a track one day a week.” The rest of the week is expected individual training.

This idea is open to the entire student body. More information will be provided once all is finalized.

Waters was asked her thoughts on the matter. “I really hope that we can make it work. It will really benefit the cross country team. It will be very beneficial for the students. It gives people the opportunity to become involved. Coach Eaton and I would definitely be involved.”

A current freshman biology major, Darius Eicher, who participated in the men’s cross country team said, “I am really looking forward to it. This will help everyone who was on the cross country team – making strides for improving this season. I guess getting back into it will be the most exciting part for me because I will be with the team again.”

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