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Pitt-Greensburg Now Home to New Center for the Digital Text

by Kaylee Hauck

The Center for the Digital Text, a new program related to the Digital Humanities studies on campus, was founded last semester and is used for many different purposes, such as examining how texts change over time or how to code. One of the main purposes is to teach students and faculty on campus about Digital Humanities.

The Center does not have a physical location yet. That does not mean the Center is not active, though. There are a number of things happening that make it an ever-expanding program.

“The Center provides support to learn about Digital Humanities,” Dr. Beshero-Bondar, an Associate Professor of Literature at PittGreensburg and the Director of the Center, said. The Center teaches people about the life history of textual documents and how to code and build digital projects.

The idea of working together to accomplish something is also a large part of the Center. By working together on large digital projects connected to the Center for the Digital Text, it gives scholars a chance to team up with one another.

“If we team up, we can do some cool stuff we couldn’t do by ourselves,” Dr. Beshero-Bondar said.

The services offered out of the Center are not just for professors, though. Students are welcome to become involved with learning how to code and applying it to different aspects of Digital Humanities.

Professor Sayre Greenfield, a Professor of English as well as the Chair of the Humanities Division at Pitt-Greensburg, is also involved with the Digital Studies program. He said the Center is a place to raise funds to support digital studies on campus.

“Some of the things we want to do is work on expanding Cassell Hall, as well as getting a physical place for the Center,” Professor Greenfield said.

“Hopefully, the Center will help establish Greensburg in the Pitt system and beyond that,” Dr. Beshero-Bondar said.

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