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Five Ways to Get Over Cabin Fever

by Hannah Zuch

CabinFeverWhen it’s freezing and you haven’t seen the sun in days, getting outside can be tough. Each day starts to feel the same: class, nap, food, class, nap, study, repeat. In no time, you’re stuck in a rut. Here are some ideas to keep you sane through the winter, but you’ll first need to close your Netflix browser.

1. Go for a short walk. I know it’s cold but that’s what coats are for, right? So bundle up and take a stroll around campus, or better yet visit one of the many parks in the surrounding area. Twin Lakes Park is a short 12-minute drive from campus. If the cold really isn’t your thing, try the indoor track above the gym.

2. Go to a club meeting or campus event. As much as you heard it freshman year, it really is the best way to get out of your room and meet new people. Making a new friend will spice up your routine.

3. Plan a date night. Whether it’s romantic or with a friend, treat yourself to dinner and a movie. Getting out of your normal, nightly routine will benefit your relationships and your mental state.

4. Put some plants in your room. Plants will help filter the air in your room, and they’re also green and pretty. A cheap potted flower or plant runs anywhere from $7-15 at Giant Eagle. Treat yourself.

5. Try an outdoor winter activity. Skiing and snowboarding are great ways to get outdoors. Resorts like Seven Springs and Hidden Valley are nearby and Ski Club can get you a group discount on tickets. If that’s not your thing, relive your childhood and go snow tubing, no skills required.

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