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Does Gender Bias Exist at Pitt-Greensburg?

by Marie Miller

genderequalityDoes gender matter between students and teachers? Faculty and students were asked to weigh in on whether or not they see gender bias at Pitt-Greensburg.

When asked if she feels if students pay more attention to male professors than female professors, chemistry instructor Laura Giovannelli said, “The students respond to whoever affects their learning style and thinking. They have a lot of options for people to look up to. I do not feel insulted by it.”

After being asked if female professors are generally stricter than male professors, she said, “I think female professors have the perception to be stricter.”

Katelyn Pellegrino, a sophomore, considers more than just the sex of her professors when choosing her classes.

“Gender does not determine everything. There are more factors that should be included. I care mostly on the professors’ skills.”

Do teachers have an unconscious bias when it comes to the gender of their students? Giovannelli thinks she may have unknowingly demonstrated bias with her students. “I am sure I do. It is a part of the struggle. I tend to give positive attention to my female students since there are more men than women in the sciences.”

Garrett Urban, a senior majoring in biology, said, “Men professors tend to mean business. Women are more nurturing. I had really relaxed female professors. Although, more females tend to be stricter than males.”

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