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Full-Tuition Scholarship Offered to Incoming Pitt-Greensburg Freshmen

by Amanda Bateman

Pitt-Greensburg will be awarding three full-tuition scholarships to incoming freshmen in Fall 2016. This scholarship will carry over all four years as long as the scholarship winner keeps a 3.5 GPA each year.

Incoming freshmen who qualify for the scholarship must have a cumulative high school GPA of 3.8, a minimum SAT score of 1200, and must be admitted full-time to Pitt-Greensburg before Feb. 1. If those criteria are met, the student must submit an application, two recommendations, and have two interviews with a panel of University representatives. The deadline to apply was Feb. 5.

“We’re excited,” University President Sharon Smith said in an interview with the Tribune Review. “We think this is the right move to let these kids know what an extraordinary experience (PittGreensburg) is. Here students are part of a world-class university, but they have the intimacy of a small campus.”

The hope is that the new scholarship will attract more talented students to the Greensburg campus.

“The addition of more academically gifted students to our campus can contribute to building a more challenging and engaging academic environment for all our students,” said Heather Kabala, Director of Admissions at Pitt-Greensburg.

What does the new scholarship competition mean for current PittGreensburg students? “The traditional merit scholarship program is still in place and is actually stronger than ever. We are now offering scholarship funding to a broader and deeper pool of students than we have in the past,” Kabala said. “We are trying to address the public concern about the affordability of higher education and to assist students in graduating with less student loan debt.”

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