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Love Sucks, Is It Worth It?

by Christy Walters and Michelle Boring

love sucksChristy – Love Sucks

Love sucks.

Love sucks because it’s not real.

It’s not. Just take my word for it. It’s not real.

That’s not true. Love is real.

Romantic love, though, I’m not so sure about. It’s supposed to be represented by Hallmark cards and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. It’s the entire reason we have Valentine’s Day, so people can take their significant others out and display how much they care.

People exchange gifts and make promises, and for what? Because of a designated holiday?

Couples seem to be so in love one day and then breaking up the next. There’s too much uncertainty. Of course all couples have fights, but the way people act nowadays is ridiculous. It’s unbelievable what people in couples say to each other and how they fight for dominance in the relationship.

How can anybody say that’s love?

Maybe we just don’t know what love is. It’s all just feelings and brain chemicals, things we can’t really see or understand.

I want to say romantic love doesn’t exist, but the truth is that I don’t really know.

You decide. Does love suck, or is it worth it?



Michelle-It’s Worth It.

So why do we love? Why do we put our hearts up when we know there is a chance they could get demolished?

Some say it’s chemistry, and it is. We can’t help the chemicals and hormones in our brain that are telling us who’s a good match or who’s not, the chemicals that are driving us to find the right person and pass on our genes to a new generation.

It’s more than just chemicals, though. Maybe it’s because of Hollywood and the never-ending love movies that show us how good love is. Maybe it’s that cliché “love at first sight scene” that we all crave or that “these two are perfect for each other but don’t know it yet” story that we want.

New love makes us flushed and jittery. It gives us those metaphorical butterflies and those brilliant smiles that only appear when that person is near.

While dating someone, love is taken a step further. You ask questions to learn everything about him or her. Do they mesh with you? What’s their favorite color, superhero, and song? What makes them who they are? Do you share the same interests?

As intimacy develops, you learn each other’s bodies down to the last birthmark.

Then, it’s comfort—knowing that you can stay in on a Friday night, look imperfect, and just watch a movie or curl up with them under a blanket while it’s snowing outside.

Love is knowing someone cares about the good and bad in your life. It’s about not being alone in the end, it’s about looking back at pictures when you’re in your 80s or 90s and thinking you did something worthwhile because you loved.

It’s why parents give their children dolls and blocks when they are little—so that they can learn to build a house, a life, and nurture it.

Love hurts sometimes, and yeah, that’s shitty, but love is the best thing we have. Love is what keeps people going even in the worst circumstances. It drives people to do crazy, amazing, beautiful things. It inspires songs, movies, books, plays, dance, art, and so much more. It’s what makes us create. It keeps us moving and feeling.

It makes us feel alive.

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