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New Policy of Mandatory Clearances of New Faculty

by Ben Garfinkel

The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg has instituted a policy of mandatory clearances for incoming faculty. This policy began on Dec. 31, 2014, with the passage of legislation in the Pennsylvania state government called the Child Protection Clearance requirement, which mandates, “all new University employees (including faculty, staff, and student employees) must obtain the three Child Protection Clearances (CPCs).”

This policy does not apply retroactively; it only takes effect for the hiring process for new faculty. The three mandatory clearances include a Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Child Abuse History Clearance, a Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check, and an FBI Criminal Record Check.

According to Mary Anne Koleny, the director of human resources at Pitt-Greensburg, “In the current phase of implementation of the Act, only new hires are affected, and we haven’t had much of a reaction among them.”

The implementation of these clearances is intended to be a protective measure for students. Ms. Koleny continued to say that she agrees with the official statement made by the University regarding this policy.

“All of us have a moral and legal duty to comply with the requirements of thjs new Act to ensure the safety of the numerous children, including hundreds of matriculated students, who are present on our campuses every day.”

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