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Ask A – Worried Graduate

Dear A,

I’m going to graduate in the spring, but I’m not sure what I want to do. Should I go to grad school? Should I look for a job? What if I made a mistake and I should have stuck with my original major? I don’t know what to do.

Dear Worried Graduate,

First off, it’s too late to dwell on the past. You chose your major, you’re about to graduate, now you have to be proactive. Keep your options open. Study for the GED. Take the GED. Apply to grad schools. Try to apply to grad schools with TA (Teacher Assistant) opportunities, which can lower or eliminate tuition costs. Some programs even offer TAs a stipend. Apply for Spring internships, which could lead to job offers upon your graduation. I would suggest finding a part-time summer job. You will have time to hear back from grad schools, time to apply to jobs, and time to think about what you want, away from the chaotic-college environment.

Make your own decision, not the decision other people expect you to make.

Happy graduation.

Good luck,


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