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Pitt-Greensburg Capstone Students Help the Community

by Christy Walters

Instead of creating a fictional business for their senior project, like most other “Business and Accounting” seniors, Kalli Hinkle, Ryan Weiner, Jarred Kelley, and Michael Pisone took a different path with their Capstone project, this semester. They worked with Jeff Lutz, owner of The Pain Treatment and Wellness Center in Greensburg.

“Originally, we were supposed to work on business plans and financial models for a fictional taxi cab company,” said Hinkle. “That became impossible because there are no public cab companies in the Greensburg area. We didn’t have a comparable market.”

After encountering issues with their fictional company, management professor Ewa Rudnicka suggested the group switch to a real-world project.

One month into the semester, the group started working with 2

“Our practice revolves around the three services that are different, yet complementary,” he said. “We treat pain using “trigger point” therapy, which works with the muscular system of the body, as muscles can be potential and significant generators of pain.”

After establishing that “trigger point” therapy is effective, the Center’s therapists show clients how to perform certain aspects of their therapy at home, though this might not always be an option.

“It is important that people know that we do believe in scientific reasoning and strive to provide honest and responsible care,” Lutz said. “We are not looking to replace the advice of a medical practitioner, but are looking to provide a solution to a pain complaint that is conservative and medication free.”

In addition to administering “trigger point” therapy, The Pain Treatment and Wellness Center also offers massage therapy and skincare services.

Lutz wants to expand the Greensburg location of his business, almost tripling it in size, to include a yoga studio and be able to incorporate movement classes into the practice. Big plans require careful business and financial planning, and that is where the Pitt-Greensburg capstone students come in.

“The group has significantly helped us recognize issues with the way we are recording our books,” Lutz said. “We now know specifically how we should be recording our transactions, and we will have a better idea of our actual financial position, which is essential to making better business decisions, especially as we expand.”

This opportunity has been a learning experience for both 1

“From doing this project, I’ve definitely learned that not all financial statements are created equal,” said Hinkle. “I’ve also learned that it’s easier to start doing finances for a business from the beginning rather than coming in in the middle.”

The Pain Treatment and Wellness Center in Greensburg is located at 4000 Hempfield Plaza Blvd. (behind Wal-Mart) in Suite 982. For more information or setting up an appointment, visit or call 724-853-2353.

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