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Regional Commander Fills In for Chief of Campus Police

Since Chief of Campus Police Dale Blasko’s retirement las month, Regional Commander Kathy Schreiber has been asked to fill in. While Schreiber has often been on campus before, now she will be here on a more consistent basis. As Regional Commander, Schreiber is required to oversee all of the regional police departments–Greensburg, Johnstown, Bradford, and Titusville.

“I oversee their operations,” Schreiber said, “work with their chief, so that we can bring all of the police departments under one umbrella, with respect to policies, with respect to types of equipment that we use, and with respect to training.”

Schreiber received her undergraduate degree in Criminology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She then went to the University of Pittsburgh to earn her master’s in law.

“I’ve really been in the field for many years, in different capacities,” Schreiber said. “You know, first as a patrol officer, and then in investigations, and then investigations supervisor. Then as a commander, with Oakland in operations in administration. This [Regional Commander] job was created because the police officers on all of Pitt’s campuses are certified as municipal police officers.”

Now that Schreiber has been asked to fill in as interim police chief, some people wondered if that would bring any new policies.

“No,” Schreiber said. “Nothing has changed now [that Blasko has left]. I mean, we’re always looking at making improvements and making changes. We want to make those particular changes. Upgrade of equipment, upgrade of police vehicles, scheduling the training. Dale Blasko did a very good job while he was here. But the department is continuing to function as it was.”

When asked if there was anything that could be done in the future to prevent a crisis, that maybe hadn’t been thought of before, Schreiber said. “You can’t predict a crisis. So what we do is we make sure that we have good policies in place. That we have adequate staffing. That the officers are trained to respond. Although most of what they’re doing is very service-oriented. Ninety-eight percent of the time , it’s all service calls here. But we want to make sure that the officers are prepared in the event of an emergency. And I believe that they are. In addition to that, in addition to having very good police officers here, we have really good students here.

“[W]hat’s very interesting is that, several months ago, we hired a new supervisor to work the night shift. And one of his comments after a couple of months as that, being out here in the afternoon and the early morning hours, he said, ‘Students here, are here to learn, they are really great and they want to be here and they want to learn all they can.’ And that says a lot for this campus.”

There may be a new chief named in January. But if there isn’t, Schreiber will continue functioning in this role.

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