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I hope everyone listened when they were told to appreciate their family over Thanksgiving break. We at Pitt-Greensburg have lost one of our own. I think this shows, more than ever, how small some of our problems are, and highlights why you should appreciate the time you have with the ones you love.

If you didn’t take the time to appreciate your family over Thanksgiving break, the good news is that you get another chance. Many of you are taking finals right now and working on essays, but you’ll get your chance to breathe shortly. And now you’ll have three weeks to spend some time where you’re loved the most. Plus you’ll be getting presents, which is pretty sweet.

Oh, and a new year is beginning, too. Time to make those resolutions. Study more. Drink less. Exercise more. Watch TV less. Love more. Hate less. Hopefully everyone follows through with these, and the world becomes a better place.

But that’s not realistic. Pretty soon you’ll be sitting in front of the TV on the third season of Breaking Bad, when you started the first season earlier in the day, with a half-gallon of Butterfingers ice cream and a hatred for yourself.

But that’s the one thing that shouldn’t happen. Do or do not fulfill your resolutions. Work out more or don’t. Study more or don’t. Just make sure you love yourself, and happiness will follow. That happiness will carry over to loved ones, whom you should be spending time with, anyway, because we all just got a wake-up call that not everyone’s going to be around forever. #LoveIsLouderThan Grief.

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