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Campus Health Services Welcomes New Director

By Barb Stern

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA When Pam Reed  lost her husband several years ago, she decided to start a new chapter in her nursing career--as the new director of Campus Health Services at Pitt-Greensburg. The eldest of four children, Reed discovered early in life her calling to heal people physically and emotionally. "I've always liked making people feel good," she said. "It's gratifying to see people happy." The '91 Carlow College grad has held several nursing positions, including Med-Surge, ICU. and the ER. "I enjoyed working in the ER," Reed said. "I enjoyed the variety of situations, the variety of people. I never knew what was coming through those doors." Reed learned of this position from a friend who works at The University of Pittsburgh's Main Campus, Pittsburgh. "This position entailed all aspects of nursing, administration, patient care --all in one department," Reed said. "I knew that I could take this job and make it my own."

She says that there are many good points about working with the college population. “Everyone is so different. They have different goals, values. They’re all unique. Every one of them has a story.”

Working with the college population also has some challenges.

“These young people are learning to be independent,” Reed said. “They don’t always follow through with follow-up visits or with the physician’s instructions. They’re still trying to learn who they are.”

Reed enjoys helping young people work toward their goals. “They need a support system. We’re here when they have a problem. We need to peel the layers away and learn their respective backgrounds.

She says that in the three weeks she has held her post, she has dealt with minor issues, such as muscular skeletal issues, UTI issues and gastro-intestinal ailments.

Reed says nurse’s roles have changed greatly in recent years. “In the past, some people thought that all we did was make beds and empty bed-pans. We are much more respected now.

She says that the nursing profession offers many possibilities.  “There’s neonatal, pediatrics, geriatrics, ER, ICU. Nursing is what you make of it.”

Reed looks forward to her new role at Pitt-Greensburg. “I want to make people feel welcome.” she said.

“Doctors realize that nurses know the patients better than anyone,” Reed said.

The Campus Health Office is located at 216 Chambers Hall (above Bookstore)
Phone:  724-836-9947
Fax:      724-836-7907 (September 1 through April 30)


The hours of operation are Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Barb Stern is a writer for The Insider.

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