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A (Belated) Welcome Back from your Editor

By Kyle Holland

You may or may not have noticed, but you’re in school again. Summer is coming to a rapid close and we’re only a few months away from the desolate winter, a time filled with staying indoors and studying. Right? Don’t let that get you down. With a new school year comes more opportunities to make new friends, take classes where you might learn something useful, and partake in the school’s many activities (listed in our Coming Events section—coming soon). If you’re a freshman, we’ve included some Freshman Tips for you. Don’t think you know it all, because you DON’T.

Seem like the semester’s dragging? Well you’re wrong. We’re in week four—one-third of the way through the semester. You’ll be picking new classes before you know it.

But enjoy this time while you can. Let the days pass slowly while you get out of class and drift aimlessly around campus. There are enough things to do, that’s for sure. Catch a movie at the chapel, or go get some Starbucks—which we now have. You’ll need it when those temperatures start to dip.

Be decent human beings to each other, as well. This isn’t high school anymore; it’s not cool to pick on people. And remember that your professors are human beings, too. Don’t pick on them, either.

Join an activity coughnewspapercough. Get involved with your campus. You’re the one paying an obscene amount of money to be here. Do something that leaves your mark besides a receipt.

Breathe that autumn air and enjoy the colorful scenery, because icy-white hell will be here before you know it.


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