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Snacks Are the New Cash: Box Tops Now Accepted for Tuition Payments

by Florence Zhang

Photo Courtesy of Alexander Grey on Unsplash

Box tops, commonly found on the packaging of cereals and other snacks, are going to be accepted as a form of tuition payment starting on April 1. These little paper tabs, each worth ten cents, are now being used to pay off tuition bills for undergraduate students. 

Box Tops has switched from a paper method to a digital one. The process is still easy; once you’ve purchased a product with a Box Tops tab, all you have to do is scan the receipt, and the money will be credited online.

“I knew all those boxes of Cheez-Its would come in handy,” Freshman Botany major Mary Jane says. “I have so many from all my late night greenhouse visits.”

Box Tops for Education first started in 1996 in California. The goal was to provide extra funding for schools through purchasing commonly consumed products. It’s considered one of the largest marketing campaigns for education, and had raised over $50 million by 2001.

With the rise in student debt worries, the contribution of Box Tops to higher education institutions will allow college students to focus on more personal matters, such as parties and other definitely “legal” activities.

Because of the obviously healthy diets of undergraduate students, the significant spending on snacks, many of which participate in Box Tops for Education, will take a great chunk out of tuition payments.

“With all this money I’m saving, I can buy more… plants,” Jane says.

To start collecting, download the Box Tops app.

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