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M2M: Musician to Musician with Kurt Cobain

by Sophia Gatti

Photo Courtesy of Wes Hicks on Unsplash

One of the world’s most influential musicians to have ever walked the Earth reached out to me from beyond the grave and has a few things to say. 

Courtesy of an old Ouija board from my grandmother’s attic, Cobain answered some questions about his death, the afterlife, the state of music today, and his widow Courtney Love.

M2M: What do you think of modern music? 

KC: Nevermind. 

M2M: What is the afterlife like? 

KC: Smells like Teen Spirit.

M2M: What do you have to say about Courtney Love? 

KC: Negative Creep.

M2M: Where are you in the afterlife? Heaven? Hell? Somewhere in between?

KC: Jesus Doesn’t Want Me for a Sunbeam.

M2M: Where does Courtney keep your ashes? 

KC: Heart-Shaped Box.

M2M: What do you think of politics today? 

KC: Aneurysm. 

M2M: Okay, how did you really die? 

KC: goodbye….

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