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Editorial: Happy April Fools!

by Alexis Osborne

Photo Courtesy of Laura Chouette on Unspalsh

As the spring season starts to sneak up on us and the beginning of April soon approaches, which means it’s time for a holiday that has some people getting the last laugh. April Fools has rolled around once again and I feel that it’s a holiday that is either loved or hated by people. I think this depends on who likes to prank people and who is the receiver of the prank. I have been caught in a few jokes myself, but I also like to see what other people decide to plan on this day.

I enjoy it when I watch tv shows and they have an April Fools episode. A show that I like that I think has good April Fools episodes is a soap opera called Days of Our Lives. Now soap operas are known for their storylines being unrealistic and including things that could never possibly happen in real life. But, in these kinds of episodes, the storylines get even more unrealistic and I think it’s entertaining to watch. I like how the writers of this show get creative with April Fools and it makes me look forward to watching these episodes each year.

Speaking of crazy events, I remember when I was in elementary school and some of my teachers would celebrate April Fools by giving us a pop quiz or a test with information that we never learned on it. I would also be in a panic because I thought I was missing something or that I didn’t pay enough attention in class. I would always be relieved when it would just be a joke and it’s something that I look back and laugh about.

When it comes to pranks, I always like when people switch someone’s food out with something else to make it taste bad. For example, when someone takes out the center of the oreo and replaces it with toothpaste. I always like seeing people’s reactions because they look either confused or that they weren’t expecting that to happen. I also like seeing videos when someone switches a drink out such as coffee or juice because from the videos I have seen, the person usually spits it out and it gives me a laugh that I need.

This year, I wonder what some people are going to pull off with their pranks or what they have planned for this day. Happy April Fools Pitt-Greensburg, have a good laugh today.

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