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Women’s Soccer Team Become AMCC Champions

by: Imani West

Photo Courtesy of @pittgbg_wsoc on Instagram

The Women’s Soccer Team won the AMCC championship match, defeating Penn State Behrend 3-2. This was a huge victory for the team. Nylah Pannebaker, a junior year center back on defense, gave a glimpse on how she feels about being an AMCC champion. 

Q: You guys are champs, how does that feel? 

A: It feels amazing! All the hard work that we put into the season was worth it. I am so proud of my teammates for what we have accomplished. 

Q: How did you guys prepare for that moment? 

A: We worked on some of the things that we knew we needed to work on before the championship game. We got mentally prepared for what we knew was going to be a good game. 

Q: What did game day feel like? 

A: It felt different than other home game days. We were all getting each other pumped up and ready to play. We were singing and just getting prepared for the game. 

Q: Did you celebrate? 

A: Yes we did. We got pictures with the trophy and went back to the locker room jamming out to music and enjoying every moment. 

Q: How did it feel walking on the field that day? 

A: I felt a little nervous but I just kept telling myself it was like any other game I have played this year. All we had to do was play our best and I knew we would succeed.

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