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Creative and Professional Writing Department Brings Back Storyteller’s Showcase

by: Julia Hills

Photo Courtesy of Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash

After students returned from Thanksgiving Break, the Creative and Professional Writing department hosted its Storyteller’s Showcase events where students, alumni, and guests can present their work. Professors of the Creative and Professional Writing department, Lori Jakiela and Dave Newman, were the organizers of the event.

Each semester students are treated to presentations from their peers in the writing department. This semester, students from the Digital Storytelling class, Food Writing class, and multiple poetry classes, shared their work. Published authors were also invited to the event. The writings described growing up, family, and the hardships of work. 

Night one, students from the Digital Storytelling class shared their video projects. Senior Creative and Professional Writing majors Bailey Weber and Samantha Rice shared sneak peeks of their Capstone projects, as well. Along with the readings, there was a free book table, as well as an opportunity to have a poem typed for guests on a typewriter.

Night two, students shared deep and thoughtful poetry about the hardships of work, and the love of family. Guest author Scott Silsbe shared select poems from one of his published works. Silsbe’s book was available for sale and to be signed.

Night three was a celebration of the launch of Adam Matcho and Celeste Gainey’s newest books. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Gainey had to stay at her home in California. Despite this, Matcho alongside other students presented incredible poetry and stories. Matcho and Gainey’s books, who’s covers are designed by junior writing major Caitlin Cruser, were also available for sale and signature.

Each night had a different showcase of talent.

Copies of Adam Matcho, Celeste Gainey, and Scott Silsbe’s books can be found on Amazon.

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