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Q&A with New Volleyball Coach, Kevin Conroy

by: Imani West

Photo by Dmitry I on Unsplash

With the beginning of the 2022-23 school year, Pitt Greensburg had the pleasure to welcome some new faces both in the student and staff population. One of those new faces is the literal face of the Volleyball Team, the new head coach Kevin Conroy, who is from Flint, Michigan. He coached Potomac Senior High School in Dumfries, Virginia, for two years before coming here.

Q: Did you play volleyball (if so for how long)?

A: I played while in the Air Force in Berlin, Germany. Although I didn’t grow up playing, I was able to play with several people who taught me all about the game, techniques and nuances.

Q: Would you say volleyball is your favorite sport?

A: I’m a sports nut. I have always played whatever sport was in season, but volleyball has definitely grown into my favorite.

Q: Have you coached before?

A: I coached club and high school volleyball before joining the Pitt Greensburg staff.

Q: How long have you been coaching for?

A: I started coaching about eight years ago when my daughters started to play volleyball, which rekindled my interest in the game. I was bored just sitting there during their practices, and they had a new coach who needed help so I volunteered. I’ve been hooked since.

Q: What made you want to coach at Pitt Greensburg?

A: I actually came to the school on a recruiting visit with my daughter in the summer of 2021, and I fell in love with the place. The campus is gorgeous and the faculty and staff are awesome. My wife and I decided to relocate to this area when that daughter – our youngest – finished high school. I did not know the job was available, but the first thing I did when we decided to move was to see what coaching jobs were out there, and I jumped at the opportunity to apply here.

Q: Were you happy to get the job and did it spark any excitement inside of you?

A: I was shocked to even be contacted for an interview. When the job offer came afterwards, I was beyond ecstatic! I walk into Chambers every day excited about, and grateful for, this opportunity I’ve been given.

Q: What are your expectations for the season?

A: My goal for the team is constant improvement. As long as we all come in every day with the same energy, ready to work hard, we will be able to grow better as a team and the wins will follow.

Q: How much faith do you have in our girls?

A: These ladies are more talented than they know, and I am confident that they are as good a team as any that we have faced or will face.

Q: What do you think you as a coach will bring to the team that will benefit them as time goes on?

A: I know that I set the tone for the team, and as long as I am bringing positive energy and am encouraging and supportive, that will flow throughout the roster, and that’s the kind of foundation needed for greater success.

Q: How would you describe yourself as a coach?

A: The word I’ve heard to describe me most from players and other coaches I’ve worked with is, “chill.” I am not a screamer, and I don’t think negativity breeds anything but negativity. I try to identify the strengths in my players and build on those rather than focus on weaknesses.

Q: Do you think that you will bring our girls to the championship one year?

A: Absolutely. My shorter term goal is to get us established as a fixture in the AMCC tournament, and then to develop into a perennial challenger for the conference championship and into the NCAA tournament.

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