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Academic Village Wins 2022 Hall Olympics

by: Bailey Weber

Photos Courtesy of Residence Hall Association

Fall Hall Olympics have come and gone. The Academic Village broke the Robertshaw three-year winning streak this year. 

Residence Hall Association (RHA) ran things a bit differently this year. On Sunday, they had an opening ceremony where each hall could decorate a flag. This flag was then used for the scavenger hunt on Monday, where each hall hid their flag around campus. 

Spirit points were also added to this year’s event. Each night, the RHA executive board decided which hall had the most spirit, and that hall was awarded 10 points. 

RHA also had Penny Wars running throughout the week. All of the money was donated to JDRF, and all of the halls raised $753. 

The winners of each night’s event and spirit points are below:

EventWinnerSpirit Points Winner
Survivor ChallengeAcademic VillageUniversity Courts
Scavenger HuntAcademic VillageAcademic Village
DodgeballWestmoreland HallUniversity Courts
TriviaAcademic VillageAcademic Village
VolleyballAcademic VillageAcademic Village
Penny WarsCommutersN/A

The final points total is below:

1st Place: Academic Village – 175 points 

2nd Place: University Courts – 140 points 

3rd Place: Westmoreland Hall – 140 points 

4th Place: Robertshaw Hall – 130 points 

5th Place: College Hall – 35 points 

6th Place: Commuters – 30 points

Photos Courtesy of Residence Hall Association

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