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Students Start Asian Alliance Club

by Bailey Weber

Photo via the Asian Alliance Club's Engage.

Pitt-Greensburg recently added a new club to their plethora of student organizations. The Asian Alliance Club (AAC) wants to introduce students who come from a less diverse background to Asian culture. 

The club was founded for students interested in Asian culture and those of Asian descent. Sophomore biological sciences major Rebekah Chieng founded the club after meeting other Asian students who were interested in creating a space for Asians.

“I met many Asians telling me that they wish there were places where they could get to know more Asians. I can relate to this feeling, especially when I come from far away,” Chieng said. 

Chieng also wanted more representation for Asians at Pitt-Greensburg. 

“Out of the three biggest minority groups in the U.S., only Asians didn’t have an organization or club that represented them,” Chieng said. “So I hoped to create this club to represent Asians and share our cultures with many more.”

The club is already working towards hosting educational events to teach students about Asian culture. On Thursday, April 14 at 8 p.m., the club will be holding an Asian Karaoke night in Village Hall 118. On Thursday, April 21 at 8 p.m., AAC is hosting an educational “Get Your Finals Blessings” event in Village Hall 101. 

“This event will also be a village learning credit since we will be learning how to write the word ‘blessing’ in Chinese, Korean, and other languages,” Chieng said.

Chieng and the club want to introduce Asian culture to students in every way possible. They plan to serve different foods at each of the meetings. Chieng also wants to show movies from different Asian countries whenever they can. 

“I hope to share my own culture. As much as I love to learn about different cultures, I love to share my own. I also hope that people can show love, respect, and appreciation to each other,” Chieng said.  Students interested in joining the Asian Alliance Club can visit their page on Engage, and anyone with questions can contact Chieng at

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