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“Online Program Development Committee” Introduced to Campus

by Emily Lohr

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash.

A new committee called the “Online Program Development Committee” was recently formed formed to gather information on students’ feelings regarding online or hybrid programs. The Insider was able to interview an associate professor of psychology, Dr. Russell Phillips, one of the members of this new committee, to discuss its purpose.

“The committee wants to make sure it completes the campus’s goals and has the student’s needs being met. … Also, by offering more flexible options, we could reach newer audiences, like nontraditional students,” Dr. Phillips said.

Recently, the committee sent out a survey for students to fill out in regards to their feelings of online/hybrid classes. Less than two days after it was sent out, they got nearly 200 responses from a variety of students.

Questions and results from the survey provided to The Insider by Dr. Phillips.
Questions and results from the survey provided to The Insider by Dr. Phillips.

Dr. Phillips thinks it would be a good idea to include more students’ feedback in the committee in the future. 

“I’d like to get more student activity on the committee. Students are the lifeblood of this campus and they would be a great addition,” Dr. Phillips said.

Nearly 80% of the students who responded to the survey agreed that outside obligations can make it hard to keep up with school attendance. 

“Sometimes students have work obligations or family obligations that make it hard for them to attend class,” Dr. Phillips said. “These classes would be a good option for students with self-discipline and good time-management skills. They might not work for everybody, but they’re great for those that it works for.”

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