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New Information on Moon Landing Shakes World

by Rin Alford

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* This article was featured in our 2022 April Fools’ Day issue. This story is not real and was created solely to point out the ridiculousness of this conspiracy theory.

Rin Alford, the author of this story, is Jewish and wrote about why conspiracy theories like this are harmful and how they relate to antisemitism in this issue’s editorial.

Top secret information about the first moon landing was just released by trusted sources who prefer to remain anonymous in case anyone tries to come after them. 

In this article, they shall be referred to as John Doe to protect their identity. They claim to have the answer to the age-long question on whether the moon landing was fake. 

“I’ve escaped from my position at NASA to come and discuss that the moon landing is indeed fake. I think many will remember when Dan Avidan, lead artist of “Ninja Sex Party” and co-host on the “Game Grumps” said that ‘The Jews Faked the Moon Landing.’ Well, I am here to confirm that he is right,” John Doe said. “My mother and father [who are Jewish as well] told me the same thing when I was younger, but I didn’t believe them until I started working for NASA.”

Doe is coming out with the truth now as they believe the world is ready to hear about what really happened on July 16, 1969. 

Growing up as a space enthusiast, they had looked up to the astronauts who supposedly landed on the moon. Whenever their parents had told them that the moon landing was fake, they would scoff and tell their parents that they were wrong.

“I had never wanted to believe them, but after seeing the documents myself, I can no longer deny what is fact. In the document, I found detailed explanations on how they pulled it all off,” Doe said. 

Doe goes on to explain how NASA had hired Stanley Kubrick, a famous Jewish film director who had directed films “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “The Shining.” 

After that, NASA gave Kubrick all of the necessary film materials to help him shoot the famous moon landing. All the staff he had worked with, besides the ‘astronauts,’ were Jewish. 

Doe claims Kubrick and his crew used big lights to give the appearance of the sun shining on the moon, as well as a combination of white sand and concrete structures to rebuild the surface of the moon. When asked about the lower gravity aspect, Doe had said that they used wiring that lifted Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, and edited it out of the photos. 

Many would question, “but why would Jews fake the moon landing?” For that, Doe had no answer besides it must have been that Kubrick had filmed a space movie just a year before. 

This, however, begs the question of whether other world events were faked.

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