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“Advanced English Alphabet” Now Offered at Pitt-Greensburg

by James Mainier

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* This article was featured in our 2022 April Fools’ Day issue. This story is not real and was created solely to entertain.

The new “Advanced English Alphabet” course is now open to seniors at Pitt-Greensburg.

This is a new class that can only be taken after completing College Writing, Advanced Composition, and Creative Writing. Advanced English Alphabet is designed to teach the students their actual ABC’s, including consonants and vowels.  

According to Professor David Newman, the course instructor, the class is meant to prepare students to learn the basics of word development.

“I think one of the things students should focus on is the vowels,” Professor Newman says, “the a, e, i,o, u, and sometimes y.”  

Professor Newman says these symbols, along with consonants, are used to make up “words.”

This class will be offered at Pitt-Greensburg in Fall of 2022 and is worth three credits. It will help prepare the student for a career in Creative and Professional Writing or English.

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