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Spring Into the New Semester: 2022 in Full View

by Emily Lohr

Photo by Austin Distel via Unsplash.

As the pandemic continues, students are yearning for some concrete plans for next year. As students prepare for the spring semester, The Insider reached out to Beth Tiedemann, the director of advising and registrar, for more information on what’s to come. 

One thing to be excited for this upcoming semester is the addition of multiple new courses. There are several new English Writing classes, including Topics in Fiction: Crime Writing, Short Story Workshop, and Writing and Healing Arts: Writing and the Body. History and Philosophy also will be offering new courses, such as World War 2 and East-West Philosophy. The Anthropology department is going to offer a new course called Anthropology of Law, which will include discussion about how disputes become resolved in a variety of culture-based and social-based settings. A full list of these courses and their descriptions can be found online.

Tiedemann detailed the process of how new courses are created. 

“It starts with a professor sending in a request and the paperwork for the course they want to do,” she said. “There’s been some faculty shift. Recently, we had a few faculty who retired, like Steven Murabito from the Writing program and Tony Buldorian from the Anthropology department. Now with some people stepping down, these professors have more flexibility to offer a course in the subject because there’s an open spot for them to teach it.”

The University has decided not to hold a winter session after this semester as well.  

“It had nothing to do with a lack of professor positions being filled or student attendance. It was a network issue with PeopleSoft,” Tiedemann said.

In regards to summer classes, Tieddeman says they will try to have a list posted by next week. 

”We’ve received all the information we need to finish putting it together,” Tiedemann said. “Students can start enrolling for the summer semester starting in February. By then, we’ll have the schedule information up on the website.”

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