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Positive Outlook for Pitt-Greensburg Admissions

by Bailey Weber

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COVID-19 has affected college admission rates around the nation. In early 2021, college enrollment fell almost 3.5%, estimating that more than 600,000 students are unenrolling or were not enrolled at all. 

Pitt-Greensburg’s Director of Admissions Mike Husenits has an optimistic outlook for enrollment in upcoming semesters. 

“Final Spring 2022 enrollment data will not be complete until the start of next semester.  However, at this time, new student enrollment for the Spring 2022 semester is looking good,” Husenits said. 

Universities are seeing a steady decline of admission rates because of economic downturns. However, community colleges and two-year colleges are seeing an influx of new students.

Husenits said there has been a rise in enrollment for recent semesters and that it is positive that our numbers are continuing to rise in these circumstances. 

“The number of prospective students that have deposited and indicated that they intend to enroll is up over last year by 2%,” Husenits said. 

Husenits also provided the following demographics of students. Currently, there are a total of 1,316 students enrolled at Pitt-Greensburg.

DemographicNumber of Students
Male students564 (43% of student population)
Female students752 (57%)
Residents547 (42%)
Commuters769 (58%)
White students1,035 (78.6%)
Black/African American students89 (6.76%)
Native American/Alaskan Native students1 (0.08%)
Hispanic/Latino students71 (5.4%)
Multi-racial students49 (3.7%)
Students that did not specify their race27 (2.05%)
Some of the figures may not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding. Figures were rounded to the nearest hundredth.

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Pitt-Greensburg continues to stay positive and on the lookout for incoming students. Husenits has a lot of hope for admission statistics. 

“This is good, given the challenges that all institutions of higher education have with enrollment due to declining demographics, increasing costs, and complications associated with the pandemic,” Husenits said.

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