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Pitt-Greensburg Searches for 8 New Faculty

by Jonathan Ross

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash.

Pitt-Greensburg looks to fill eight vacant faculty positions during the 2021-2022 academic year. The University is searching to fill four positions in the humanities, two positions in the behavioral sciences, and two interdisciplinary positions: an assistant professor of english and digital studies and an assistant professor of public policy and communication.

Dr. Jacqueline Horrall, vice president of the Office of Academic Affairs, said that the vacancies did not impact this fall’s course schedule.

“For example, this year, one of our nursing faculty members resigned, and we hired a visitor to fill that position until we can hire someone long-term,” Dr. Horrall said. “The visitor usually comes for a year.”

The University defines a “vacancy” as any faculty position that is not currently filled or will not be filled by a full-time faculty member at the beginning of the next academic year. Therefore, many “vacant” positions for the current academic year are filled by visiting professors or by part-time faculty.

Faculty vacancies occur at different times. Some may be the result of a retirement or a resignation since the previous academic year. One of these positions, a tenure-track assistant professor of chemistry, became vacant after Dr. Stauffer’s passing last winter.

Six of the eight open positions are tenure-track positions, which means instructors will work towards earning a tenure contract once hired. Tenured professors are guaranteed employment until they decide to retire or resign. As such, tenure contracts offer instructors job security.

The application process for hiring new faculty is a year-round endeavour. In the fall, applications for the positions are reviewed by search committees of existing Pitt-Greensburg faculty, and the committees select applicants to send to Oakland for approval. Once approval is granted, the University conducts two rounds of interviews throughout the spring and summer and hires someone.

“If we’re lucky, we will decide who to hire by April,” Dr. Horrall said, “and they will start in August.”

The University’s open positions are posted on The Chronicle of Higher Education’s website. Ideal candidates are expected to have terminal degrees (PhD or EdD) and experience in undergraduate instruction.

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