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Campus Close-Up: How Do You Feel About Pitt’s COVID Policies?

by Nicole Cortino

Pitt-Greensburg students share their perspectives on the ID-swipe system, the mask mandate, and vaccine regulations.

Although the swipes are slightly inconvenient, I actually think it’s an effective way to measure and track COVID cases. I don’t agree with the consequences of not swiping, however. I don’t think it’s okay that students are threatened with fines and holds on their accounts because they can’t swipe. If they want us to be vaccinated, they should encourage us in a more friendly and positive way. There are too many drawbacks. They did have prizes early in the semester, but that’s not effective throughout the year. I agree with the mask mandate. It’s an inconvenience, but it gives people the choice of vaccination while staying safe.

Julia Wainwright, junior high school education and mathematics major


Kayla Hunters

“I was told swiping into buildings was just to see who was going in and out, but I know now it’s for COVID tracing. I always have my card, so I don’t really mind it, but I think about the students that forget theirs. They should still be able to go to class, so it’s fine that they have the sign in now. The mask mandate is fine for me personally because we won’t know who has COVID until it’s too late, and it’s going to be a while before masks go away.”

Kayla Hunter, freshman nursing major


Terence Turk_CampusCloseUp“I don’t mind the masks, but for people with glasses I know it’s tough. I honestly don’t care whether I’m wearing a mask or have the vaccine or not, but I’m vaccinated because I’m aware that it has been proven to work. However, I don’t want to feel pressured to get the vaccine. I don’t like the swipes because it feels like a waste of time. Most students don’t have their wallets, and what if they are already late? Also, if students get kicked off of campus because they got COVID or continue not swiping, then they should get their room and board back. It’s wasting money, and students will need to be able to still learn, especially online, or else they’re forced to teach themselves.”

Terence Turk, senior business management major

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