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Read Your Heart Out: “Goodnight Moon” Review

by Miranda Smith

This review was featured in our 2020 April Fools’ Day issue, The Outsider.

It’s about time someone addressed the single most innovative book in history. Yes, you guessed it: “Goodnight Moon.”  

“Goodnight Moon” tells the story of a young boy’s bedroom routine before he goes to sleep. The book is a model of excellent writing and even better illustration.  

Margaret Wise Brown, the author of “Goodnight Moon,” uses her skillful writing in a way that puts people right to sleep. Myself included. Her use of clever rhymes, such as bears and chairs, give me absolute chills.  

Brown covers everything in her book. She is sure not to leave anything out when saying goodnight to the things in the room. It is moving that she has done so.  

Let’s not forget the beautiful artistry of Clement Hurd. There is nothing else like it, at least that I have seen. His color choice flows well with what Brown has written. The use of reds and greens allow for the other objects in the pictures to pop. It’s appealing to the eye. I could look at Hurd’s illustrations for hours.  

Hurd also did well in choosing to make the young boy and the old lady rabbits instead of people. Who doesn’t love rabbits? 

Needless to say, “Goodnight Moon” has become my go to for whenever I am in the mood for a nice, quick read. With a 4.5/5 from Barnes and Noble and a 4.3/5 from Goodreads, this calming bedtime novel is worth checking out.  

Don’t take my word for it, though. Read “Goodnight Moon” before bed. I promise your insomnia will thank you. 

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